Implementation of MES product in manufacturing plants


In cases when our existing software solutions are a good match for implementation in manufacturing plants, we can use our own MES – Manufacturing Execution System product as a base for implementing the project. This product is based on ANSI/ISA-95 international standard. Usually every plant has some unique features and design, and our MES product can be adjusted with some project specifics.


Custom development of MES solutions in manufacturing plants

Custom development of MES solutions
When customers want something specific from MES in their plant and have already made up their mind on some key features of this software, like keeping the look and feel of some legacy software already existing in the plant, we can also offer custom development and implementation of a tailor-made solution. This type of projects usually require more effort, but at the end the customer get exactly what they were looking for.


Supporting all stages of MES projects for external partners

Project stages
Our team of experts holds skills which enables us to support all stages of MES projects – from sales, project management, design, development, all the way to implementation and support after takeover. If you want to use our services for cooperation, or maybe outsourcing parts of or even complete projects, we have the experience with different kind of level of supporting Manufacturing Execution System projects.


Consulting in manufacturing process improvement or third-party MES implementation

Consulting in manufacturing process improvement
We have the needed experience which enables us to perform site-surveys, make process analysis and suggest improvements to manufacturing plants. Scope of our analysis may give suggestions in improving automation process and devices, Standard Operating Procedures, Manufacturing Execution Systems, and all the way up to business software and production planning.
In cases when customer may seek independent consulting support for supervising Manufacturing Execution System projects, we can also offer a full-range of consulting services to monitor, co-design and guide manufacturing producers in implementation of third-party MES products.