We have set ourselves simple, but also overreaching goals: to improve the manufacturing process in plants world-wide, to make producers aware how software solutions, and namely MES - Manufacturing Execution System, can help them in delivering better quality products and reduce costs.
Implementation of MES product in manufacturing plants

In cases when our existing software solutions are a good match for implementation in manufacturing plants, we can use our own MES – Manufacturing Execution System product as a base for implementing the project.

Custom development of MES solutions in manufacturing plants

When customers want something specific from MES in their plant and have already made up their mind on some key features of this software, like keeping the look and feel of some legacy software already existing in the plant, we can also offer custom development and implementation of a tailor-made solution.

Supporting all stages of MES projects for external partners

Our team of experts holds skills which enables us to support all stages of MES projects – from sales, project management, design, development, all the way to implementation and support after takeover.

Consulting in process improvement or third-party MES implementation

We have the needed experience which enables us to perform site-surveys, make process analysis and suggest improvements to manufacturing plants. We can also offer a full-range of consulting services to monitor, co-design and guide manufacturing producers in implementation of third-party MES products.